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Fortified milk powder blend

Anchor™ lmmunoHalo™ is a fortified milk powder blend that is specifically designed to supplement your child's diet and support a healthy immune system. Containing 10 essential Vitamins & Minerals including Zinc & Iron plus Probiotic DR10™, Prebiotics and Lactoferrin. Anchor™ lmmunoHalo™  tastes great, with a hint of vanilla flavour and the goodness of dairy, plus it’s super easy to add into your child’s daily routine - just add to water or smoothie. 

10 Vitamins & Minerals

Probiotics & Prebiotics

Contains Lactoferrin

Zinc & Iron


You can find Anchor™ lmmunoHalo™ next to the toddler milk section in your local supermarket. 


* Anchor™ lmmunoHalo™  is a supplemented food. Enjoy as part of a healthy varied diet.



Kiddets healthy habits and fun activities.

Establishing healthy habits at a young age helps kids make a positive start to life. That's why Anchor™ lmmunoHalo™ have partnered with Kiddets to create fun, interactive healthy habit activities to help encourage and educate your child. Simply click below for your 30-day Healthy Habits Calendar. There are lots of other FREE downloadable resources like e-books, colouring in sheets and more to enjoy together.

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